installing Linux on the ps3

The OS Yellow Dog Linux ( YDL ) was the first OS to support the PS3 and is quite easy to install. For a complete step by step guide click here:     Install YDL on PS3

The Playstation 3 comes with integrated support for installing alternate operating systems. In the XMB (cross media bar), under "Settings", "System Settings" you can find "Install other OS" but first you will have to create a partition to accommodate the OS.

To create a partition go to "System Settings", "Format Utility", select "Hard Disk" and choose the size of the partition to create. Ensure you back up all of your game saves and files before formatting the drive.

Things you will need :

  • USB mouse and keyboard
  • One of the following storage devices with at least 10MB of free space:
    • USB Flash drive
    • USB hard drive that is recognized by the PS3
    • Memory stick
    • Compact flash
    • SD card
    • Optical disk (blank).

In order to install Linux on the PS3 you will first have to create an "Installer" for the OS. On your storage media make a folder called "PS3" then create a folder inside called "otheros". Next you will have to save the "installer" inside that folder and name it "otheros.self"

Installer From Sony  <-- download here

Now you have to decide which version of Linux you will install, download and burn to a disk, and download a boot loader specific to that OS. Save the boot loader in the "otheros" folder with the name "otheros.bld"

When your ready to install the OS begin by inserting the storage device that contains the "installer" and power on the PS3. On the XMB go to "Settings", "System settings", Install other OS" . If everything works it should find the installer and prompt you to begin.

Perform the install according to the guide for the appropriate distribution.

Currently supported Linux distributions for PS3:

Distribution Download Guide
Yellow Dog Linux Link Link
Gentoo Link Link
Fedora Link Link

*Ensure you download the PPC64 version for compliance with PS3.


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